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Item: "Marvel’s THE AVENGERS to Be Partially Filmed in Ohio." Gee, exciting. What are they avenging? Grain Sorghum?

The Social Network (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray]
Tonight's Movie: THE SOCIAL NETWORK (2010) — I am dreading the #@%&*!! Farmville.

I like to wash my paws with a bar of soap. Wife prefers a liquid dispenser which is often empty. There may be fisticuffs with dirty hands.

The Uninvited 1944 DVD Ray Milland & Ruth Hussey (Import) NTSC
Rewatched THE UNINVITED (1944). Mistake. Broke my rule of no ghost movies after midnight. I'll be up all decade. I want my Nana....

Before the invention of the sandwich, where did one place one's frilly toothpicks?

I just now had a visit from a door-to-door meat salesman. My fault. I looked at my watch. It stopped in 1961.

Today, for the first time ever, I used the word "coinkydinks." Scratch "coinkydinks" from my Bucket List. Knit butter pats suit & I'm toast.

Now playing on my radio's limited display screen: "SOMEWHERE IN TIM with Art Bell."

Reading: Robt. B. Parker's BRIMSTONE. My 1st large print book, not becuz I need it. Becuz it's hot in here & page turns come fast & cooling.

Reading: GETTING MOM ONTO INTERNET A SISYPHEAN ORDEAL. onion.com/boKD5q — Sheesh, I shudder from introducing Mom to The Gum That Squirts.

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