Behind the Scenes: The Making of 'Double Feature Puppies'

Here are several snapshots from our recent production meeting for this blog's motion pictures post, "Double Feature Puppies: 'Breakfast at Ginger's' and 'Tucker at the Piano.'" Morty led the session at the computer screen, as usual, bragging about how he was an early adopter of Tabby browsing. He also insisted he is instinctually superior at mousing.

I think he may have mewed, "This is my work."


Morty thought this sequence was ridiculous and beyond belief. Dogs don't fuss over bananas and they certainly aren't fans of wrist watches. He pitied the spots, pathetically unconvincing.

Morty did not plan to feature this movie in his presentation, but his first choice was not available. Just as well, Morty believes "The Black Swan" would have been much better with a canary.

"Schnoodle. He has got to be kidding."

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