Big Weekend

Big weekend, hanging out with my new pal, Rango.

I'm the one on the left.

Rango has a film at the theatres and, thus, I found myself inside a trend. (I am, after all, Mr. Fashionable, Mr. Coffee Achiever, and runner-up Monsieur Styrofoam Sectional Plate.)

What trend? Well, last week, I saw "The Giant Gila Monster" and Rango is also a, pardon the expression, lizard, so I took in his biopic, too.

I'm already scouring the movie listings for a Sean Penn to continue the streak next weekend.

To be more specific, Rango is a chameleon. As a child, I was fascinated with chameleons and their magical adaptive powers. A chameleon sitting on a brown leaf turns brown. A chameleon on a green leaf turns green.

I grew apart from that interest rather soon when I discovered a chameleon on a plaid leaf does not turn plaid. Chameleons are underachievers. They need to try harder.

Except for Rango. In his movie, which I admire and recommend, he transforms himself into a heroic western sheriff, facing a gunfight at the OK reptile.

"Rango" (2011) Trailer via YouTube

Rango and Priscilla Vinyl Figure Set

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