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Me and the kitties are batching it tonite. It's kind of like BONANZA, except we boys saddle up catnip rats. Why I'm not on TMZ is beyond me.

COP OUT (2010) with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan is a numbingly bad movie, the HUDSON HAWK of its generation. Thanks, crummy pay-per-view.

My Twifficiency score is 39%. I'd like to thank Facebook and a life.

Watched SAN ANTONIO (1945) - A belated "thank you" to S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall for taming the west. "Look! Look! Look! That horse is empty!"

I cannot get a word in edgewise. Curses, BarkOff. Where's my leash? I need a walk....

I see THE AMITYVILLE HORROR house has been sold. I could never purchase that place. I refuse to pay oozing costs.

Some social media this is. We never have a square dance or a bake sale. I want to back to my partner and swing my taw, eat donuts, and type.

Fast-breaking Q*bert discussion now happening on Twitter. My continuing education continues. Failed me again, Georgia State...

I'm toying with changing my name again. I kinda like The Revolutionary Way To Remove Tough Heavy Burned On Grease Durrett. "Buff" for short.

Headline: "Dealer selling J.D. Salinger's toilet." ... The ad copy writes itself: HOLDING CAUFIELD or CATCHER 'N' THE FLY.

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