The Swell 'Boy'

Do we have a clip?

Yes, I brought some clips from "The Bellboy" (1960).

People wonder why I am such a Jerry Lewis fan. This first scene couldn't illustrate my delight more. It is pure Jerry and my spirits rise every time I see it. I laugh, also.

There is an axiom in show business for performers, "Less is more."

Not true. Not true...

"The Bellboy: The Elevator" via YouTube

Jerry could be quite magical, even while setting out some chairs. I love that a major motion picture had the courage to idle for more than two minutes to service a gag. We'd never see this today.

"The Bellboy: Chair Duty" via YouTube

Off the top of my head, this musical pantomime may be the first of its kind in Jerry's solo films. Count Basie's "Cute" in "CinderFella" was shot earlier, but released after "The Bellboy." I'm confident of having seen Jerry perform this one on television before it lived on in the film.

"The Bellboy: Stanley Conducts the Orchestra" via YouTube

"The Bellboy" newspaper ad courtesy of Emulsion Compulsion.

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