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Is it, is it safe to leave the house yet? Is that ARTHUR movie still out there?

Watched: THE FARMER TAKES A WIFE (1935), Henry Fonda's screen debut. He's impressive, sweet & wide-eyed. Like me with pie.

Saw & heard TRUE GRIT (1969) & THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER (1965) again. John Wayne's king, but Elmer Bernstein's scores soar. Just SHOOTIST me.

True Grit [Blu-ray]The Sons of Katie ElderThe Shootist

Nothing wilts my happy day like walking into a Walmart, becoming enveloped in the oily, captive stench of their Subway Sandwich Shop. Nasty.

After 12 years of parking my car exactly the same way in the driveway, today it is perpendicular in its space. You know it. I am a rebel.

Well, that is not good. I weighed myself this morning. I have put on a startling amount of weight since I was a sperm.

Our community is crushed. Party Shop Paradise is closing its doors. Party off, Garth. Or we can move this shindy hullabaloo to Captain D's.

Reading: UNFORTUNATELY NAMED WEBSITES: I call mine "Sweetiekins." http://www.boingboing.net/2011/03/30/unfortunately-named.html

Reading: JAMES CAMERON CHAMPIONS FASTER FILM PROJECTION. Good, if it means his movies will be over sooner.

I'm thinking of hiring a butt double for those times I'm too lazy to sit on my butt.

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