Funny Site of the Day Redux, Can We Get the Ducks Outta Here, Please?...

When I began writing Web humor articles professionally, having been deemed an "expert" on the topic by The Mining Co. (later rebranded as About.com), I had experienced the Internet a mere 12 weeks in total, if that.

My site went live on April 1, 1998. I quit on April 1, 2009. Until April 1, 2010, I was on sabbatical, which meant not writing that stuff, and devoting myself to a vivacious new world I called Funny Pudding of the Day.

So, last week, under the cover of darkness and beneath an indifferent cat who doesn't understand "Marmaduke" (kitty gets that from me), I revisited my ritual Funny Site of the Day Internet pathways, previously traversed and sometimes cursed for more than a decade.

Where has it all brought us?

The new FunnySiteOfTheDay.com is up and smiling, growing and ongoing. Please check in on amusements you may not have seen before or for awhile.

Pass them along to enemies, invites the grizzled, seasoned-veteran "expert."
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