Valentine's Decades

Today is my 29th wedding anniversary.

Thank you.

Surprisingly, it is also Donna's 29th wedding anniversary. We've made it together and we have pretty much outlived or been married longer than the wise skeptics who were certain we wouldn't remain coupled to the rice fling.

(We even triumphed over the pinto beans thunderboomers during our rice shower.)

To quote the immortal philosopher Snoopy:


Our secrets to a long marriage?

Well, I guess I can share them with the likes of you. S'okay...

We never go to bed angry. (We fall asleep on the sofa or in the computer chair, trying not to fume and scorch the furniture.

And, she's never called me Geraldo.

(We're saving that 'til Year 37.)

Take those to the bank, lovesters.

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