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Bought the trick-or-treat candy today & finished it off within the hour. I am slowing in my old age. Back to the store tomorrow. Mmmm...

I was just informed "Your blog post published successfully!" YESSSS!! Phew! That's 1732 in a row. This streak is getting burdensome.

See what I do here: Looking forward to the eye doctor.

I haven't been inside an airplane since 1974. Is it any wonder? Even these aerial photos make me nervous, but wow!

29 years married & I don't know what I've gotten into. I picked up a bottle in the tub: Vanilla Bean Noel Shimmering Shower Gel. What th--?

My cataract surgery is a success, sez my doc. I'm doing better than most and amazingly I can play the piano. You saps who took lessons, HA!!

Fall is here, which I love 'cause it means I've successfully procrastinated spring cleaning for six months. Six more to go! Fingers crossed!

Rainy day ruins everything. No yard work. ... No washing the car. ... Elphaba failed to show up for brunch....

I'm still shaken by the gigantic spider we found in our bedroom. That monster was HUGE! He had 3 legs in storage! Didn't need 'em! Overkill!

The cataract replacement lens is working great. I've walked into only 6 doorknobs & a pack of large trolls. The growth hormones not so good.

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