Thoughts During Mel Brooks' Musical, 'Young Frankenstein'

What the--? This play is not in black-and-white!

Shockingly, The Creature does appear in this version. I figured political correctness would have caved into the powerful monster minority.

I'd make a lousy graverobber. I guess I could drive the getaway cart. Can you dig it?

Hearing loss is my friend, muffling the chatter of the rude idiots next to me.

The only "roll in the hay" I ever had fell out of a boxed lunch in the corral. Ruined our wedding.

Ahh, there it is. I'm leaving the theatre, humming,
"Though your genitalia
Has been known to fail ya,
You can bet your ass on the brain!"

Mel Brooks! That's our Shakespeare!

Young Frankenstein: The New Mel Brooks MusicalYoung Frankenstein [Blu-ray]
When Frankenstein presents The Creature to the public, the event takes place at the Loew's Transylvania Heights. Coincidentally, I once worked at Loew's Tara, although it was Master who was the wild-eyed scary beast.

I'd never attempt to reanimate life. I can't even be kind, please rewind.

Maybe, during Intermission, Dr. Frankenstein could go into my brain, turn back the mileage 50 years, and erase Howie Mandel's soul patch.


And: Wow! What knockers!

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