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This is not good. My BANANA SPLITS DVDs have brown spots on them.
Sitting around, waiting to chomp somebody on the leg. I mistook Kibbles 'n Bits for Fruity Pebbles. ... Embarrassing. We don't have a dog.
Most of you know me as The Six Million Dollar Man, which is a bit odd because I'm mostly donuts and honey buns and five rolls of nickels.
The Golden Globes, The Oscars, and awards shows in general: Much a nothing about doo-doo.
Hearing test time.. I'm listening to a commercial on clogged drains & thinking, "Claude Rains? What does Claude Rains have to do with this?"
As a proud Boy Scout, I have never wavered. Our motto: "Be prepared." I am. The Girl Scout cookies will be here momentarily.
Watching: THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE. It should get really good if he travels back to Rooster Cogburn and The Mandrell Sisters.
ShootForTheHead.com is a new site about zombies, looking for writers. ... Why not? I put in years writing FOR zombies...
Another disturbing sign I am losing it. Awake for seven hours today before I remembered the house is full of Girl Scout cookies.
I may have just invented the egg salad with cheese sandwich. I am heady with brilliance -- and some old mayonnaise.
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