Big Weekend

Big weekend, celebrating our marriage: Valentine's Day = 29 years!

We began the romantic festivities Saturday with me on Facebook. (Actual quotes below.)

Friend Comment
Do you think Mike Durrett is fast?

Mike Durrett
Fast? I have to take a four-hour nap and a Slurpee to get up to sluggish.

...And me without a Hoodie-Footie Snuggle Suit for the Manly Man. (I want one with a camouflage trap door.)

The truth be told, I am not fast. I have been faithful to my wife, unless you count swiping her trick-or-treat candies.

And she's not to learn about those. You hear?!

Later, we viewed a late-night film, which I couldn't wait to discuss on Facebook.
Mike Durrett
Amelia [Blu-ray]Watching AMELIA. Huh? Is the movie about airplanes? Or gigantic teeth? I haven't seen anything this scary since JAWS, DRACULA & The Osmonds.

Friend Comment
You're only scared because you are up so late, go to bed!

Mike Durrett
Bed? Who can sleep? I'll be up all night flossing. I've left a voice mail consoling Bucky the Ipana Beaver. Mortimer Snerd phoned, having esteem issues...

Everybody in the movie keeps asking her to open their potato chip bags!

Amelia's overbite is so big, I expect it to leave marks in the next show I watch.

Sunday morning, we entered our 30th year of man-and-wifeyness with me responding to the family best wishes on Facebook.

Mike Durrett
Thanks, kids. We are so crazy in love, we just had waffles.

Safe waffles. After marriage.

Brother Comment
Stay warm. We have extra snow if you guys need any.

Mike Durrett
More snow coming here. Send syrup.

The "kids" reference is a term of endearment. We have no children. I was too tense, waiting for the invention of Facebook.

Donna also baked cookies and we went out to dinner. I chomped both meals and wrote about them on Facebook.

Anniversary concluded.

Then, we booked face.
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