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My Recent Confessions and Observations on Twitter:

I have got to lose some weight. I'm getting too old to pull off the baby bump excuse. 

Why isn't Diet 7UP called 1UP? ... I guess I should have gone to church....

John Wayne: Screen Legend Collection (Reap the Wild Wind / Rooster Cogburn / The Hellfighters / The War Wagon / The Spoilers)The Cowboys [Blu-ray]
John Wayne kills Bruce Dern in THE WAR WAGON (1967), so how could Dern kill Wayne 5 yrs. later in THE COWBOYS? I should have gone to church.

Our youngest cat, Melvin, has been on the porch all day. He is mesmerized. He is watching a moth.

Odd thing about growing older is I now use words like "adorable" and "darling" in ways formerly taboo by me. I may even eat a marmalade.

@OMGFacts sez: "Red meats, cigarettes, alcohol, asparagus & cabbage will make your semen taste bitter." Gee, I think I'll just have a pizza.

We had no GA Aquarium or bottlenose dolphins exhibit when I was a kid. Once, Mom took me to the hardware store to see the needlenose pliers.

Dictionary.com Word of Day: corybantic: "frenzied, agitated, unrestrained." I went to school w/a Cory Bantic. Invented paint mixing machine.

Alvarez Kelly
ALVAREZ KELLY may be the worst Civil War song ever. Reverence for Johnny Mercer goes down a notch. Jeepers, creepers, my huckleberry friend.

I figured out why I don't care much for Civil War movies. Everyone saying "Suh!" ... And that must end my good tweet, suh!"

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