No No Pants Day!

Happiness Is a Warm Puppy, No Pants Day 2010
People, who know me and fine legs, know that I absolutely adore the first Friday in May, the annual Springy occasion of dignity, and haunch breeze: No Pants Day!

Well, this year, I forgot and wore pants, as usual, causing assorted prickly heats, plus sog problems in the shower, as usual.

I guess I simply lost my place in the grand procession of No Thongs Day, No Spanx Day, No PajamaJeans Day, No Hoodie-Footies Day, No Alpha Bunny Ears and Slimming Cottontail Day, and so forth.

Oh, hey, sorry. Allow me to make it up to you....


"Beach Dog" via YouTube

"Panting Cat" via YouTube

"Panting Baby" via YouTube

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