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Guess what? My cats still love me. They had a meeting.

A year ago today, we friends were riding mules to the bottom of the Grand Canyon - and taking ibuprofen. I guess that was our hippie period.

I've lost four pounds, which will make my doctor happy, one pound per week. As a user, I'd like it go faster. I crave user-friendly fat!

My doc dissed my weight. I said, "You're looking at a 300-lb man in the wild. I'm doing great 2B only 200." Said he never heard that one B4.

Reading: JENNIFER ANISTON TO BE FETED FOR A DECADE OF HOTNESS, like me. Well, I'm being feted for a Decade of Puddings.

When The Rapture canceled, we watched RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Hey, I have to get my religion somewhere.

My site's host had a 20.5 hr. outage, reverting to a days-old edition, not the latest post. I fired off a letter to the IT guy, Marty McFly.

I hate when the orange juice says "Concentrate." Now, I'll be thinking about it all day....

Item: Disney earned $28.6B in 2010 on licensed merchandise. Not bad, if you don't consider a Dumbo shirt & Tinkerbell wand cost $7.2B each.

I'm sensitive to the unsightliness of ear hair. I do the periodic cochlea comb-out with a part down the Eustachian. And, I cowlick my incus.

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