More Confessions and Revelations
My recent postings on Twitter, where everything must be said in 140 characters or less.

Caller on "The Dennis Miller Show" ... Rev. Jeremiah Wright is "egotesticle -- that's a noun for an overconfident nut."

Speed Bump cartoon: The Grim Reaper talking to dejected son, The Grim Reaper, Jr.: "No, you can't kill a pony."

Returned home, asked Morty the Cat, "How's the napping today?" He rolled over. I'm up for some down myself...

Doctor's office went well. I read about fresh kick, Betty Boopy Cindy Lauper who only wants to have fun with Lou Albano. Safe hammerlocks!

Yipe. The Aryan Doggie Nazis Have Won. Should we surrender or flea?

I've been doing well on my diet, losing 10 lbs. since January. I see my doctor tomorrow. I just ate an entire big bag of potato chips. Oops.

My brother writes he views MSNBC mornings, after CNBC. My cable doesn't offer it, opting for the more popular All Farts Channel & Cysts HD.

Winding up the big day. I watched "Charlie Wilson's War, Juno," and "God Is Great and I'm Not" today. "Juno" tops. "Chuck" next. "God" is so-so.

I'm setting up my Twitter. Soon, I hope to be all atwit.
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