The Cat of Five Faces Presents The Cat of 1000 Faces

Morty at the Movies with Morty the CatMorty's favorite movie franchise is not Indiana Jones, not Harry Potter, not James Bond, not Twizzlers, but The Cat of 1000 Faces.

Our cat aspires to be as versatile as the master impersonator known as Hugo. After yesterday's feline facial demonstration, Morty needs only 995 more poses to catch up. He's made a bold business decision to use his head, not computer software, as he moves forward in the mimic business. I have no doubt that--

Excuse me. Morty has hopped onto my desk here. "Is that a teeny mustache, Mort?"

It is. He's wiggling his nose at me.

"Are you supposed to be Charlie Chaplin?"

Apparently not. Wait a minute. He looks angry, showing teeth, eyes bulging, mustache protruding, kitty goose-stepping...

"That's our Hitler!"

Can't see the faces? Try here.

Can't see the faces? Try here.

Can't see the faces? Try here.

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