Cartoon Carnival

This first one is not a thing like "Cars."

*cough cough*

"Susie the Little Blue Coupe" (Clyde Geronimi for Walt Disney, 1952)
Can't see the cartoon? Try here.

Next, Margie Hines substitutes for Mae Questel's famous Olive Oyl vocals. Jack Mercer is Popeye and Shorty. By the way, there are several WWII cartoons where Mae performs Popeye's voice!

Popeye, Olive, and Shorty in "The Marry-Go-Round" (Seymour Kneitel, 1943)
Can't see the cartoon? Try here.

There is not one prediction of "Teletubbies" or Conrad Bain or "'I Cheated on My Transvestite Poodle' on the next 'Springer'" in this cartoon, so don't take its vision of the future as gospel....

"T.V. of Tomorrow" (Tex Avery, 1953)
Can't see the cartoon? Try here.
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