Cartoon Carnival: Seeing Red

I've never courted a cartoon character, but I would if I could.

My wife won't let me. (I'm her little Marmaduke.)

I've long had my eyes on Miss Olive Oyl. She's sweet and fun, but probably too fickle. She'd be off smooching Bluto as soon as I turned my back and let the air out of my forearms.

Jessica Rabbit is way too much woman for me and I get nervous just tyyyyyping about her.

Ariel, the little mermaid? Oh, my, what a cutie -- and high maintenance. Have you priced cocktail sauce recently?

She's also too young and, as I'm a vegetarian, it's immoral for me to date sushi.

So, the hands down winner to steal my heart and make me be willing to give up art gum erasers is "Red," Tex Avery's exquisite leading lady. I just happen to have her pictures....

"Red Hot Riding Hood" (1943) via YouTube

"Swing Shift Cinderella" (1945) via DailyMotion

"Little Rural Riding Hood" (1949) via YouTube
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