Cartoon Carnival: Screwy Squirrel

I have followed Screwball "Screwy" Squirrel for 20 years. I consider Reverend Screwy to be my moral compass and spiritual leader. I've sat at his feet with my wife and cats. He brought us closer to Tex Avery, the creator -- and Tex blessed America.

Outside the church, a typical bright person doesn't always understand Pastor Screwball. They say his teachings are nuts. I agree some of his statements and calls for violence are over the top and I deplore them.

However, he is a fine rodent, retired now, and I won't disown him.

Take to heart Reverend Screwy's videos, available in the lobby.

"Screwball Squirrel" (1944)
Can't see the video? Try here.

"The Screwy Truant" (1945)
Can't see the cartoon? Try here.

"Lonesome Lenny" (1946)
Can't see the cartoon? Try here.
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