Son of "Movies in the Movies: 'The Blob' (1958)"

Twelve months have passed since I wrote "Movies in the Movies: 'The Blob' (1958)." It's been an uneventful year, completely Blobless, if you don't count my stomach.

I'll count it for you.


And growing.


And growing.

Indescribable... indestructible! Nothing can stop it!

My impressive, impressionable, boundary deficient tummy.

Run, kids. Get the hell out!

Anyway, my article focused on the delightful projectionist murder and crowd evacuation sequence at the theatre The Blob crashes.

A new essay, courtesy of the A.V. Club, takes us to "Philadelphia: 'The Blob' Movie Theater." There's an accompanying video about the annual Blobfest event, echoing my report, taking us inside the scene of the crime: the Colonial Theatre projection room. Watch and scream!

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