Gifts Senior Moment Santa Forgot to Bring Me: Pet Salon

I submitted a request for Santa to bring me this Pet Salon, so I could make it Exhibit A in a class action suit.

First of all, children are not pets. Food beggars and fetchers, and overly odorly humid, yes, but not pets.

How cruel is this alleged toy? "Twist 'n fold!" That's got to smart the pups peeps and leave a mark.

And, no, I will not scratch behind urchin ears and rub tummies to make them feel better.

What's this? "Pop up set up?"

Huh? Wallop a kid off the ground, followed by a "set up?" A stiff drink might be acceptable for a punched adult, but not tykes.

Finally, the phrase, "makeovers for all your furry friends," is insensitive, whether or not you jelly wipe the beasts brats and pluck 'em a vigorous tweeze.

Thanks, though, to forgetful Santa Claus. For every time he failed to deliver Pet Salon, three kids won't have fits.
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