Subject: 'Computer Milestone'

Mike's Mailbag
I received an Internet letter from my fine friend Scott Hardin, who is a go-to guy for everything technical. He's up-to-the-nanosecond on all about electricity, motion picture equipment, stage machinery, theatre acoustics design, musical instruments, flying cars, and Blimpie banana peppers.

So, when Scott enlightens mankind with his computer wisdom, I take notice, standing at attention alongside a moonlighting court stenographer wielding a precision Sharpie pen over a paw of Post-It pads.

Here's what Nadine transcribed for me from Scott's email. (He's gonna learn us how to copy-and-paste one day. I am counting on it! Nadine's non-committal, being around so-called "reformed" felons too much and having them break her heart and "#1 Eavesdropping Grandma" mug.)

I am very close to porting over all the emails I wanted to save from the old computer to the newer old computer. My email inbox alone had about 4300 messages before starting. After much deleting, moving, and organizing it is now down to ZERO messages. ... That's a Z followed by an ERO. I didn't think it was possible to ever have an inbox with ZERO messages. I can't recall seeing one before.

Maybe the early westward settlers would have the occasional zero emails, since there were much fewer people to correspond with back then and you could go for days without seeing a typing cowpoke. I'm sure the locals at the Monument Valley gift shop would offer to carry your email by horse for you though, if you bought one of their cheap bracelets ... some things never change.

We'll see what happens when I change over to DSL. I hope it doesn't just fill up faster. I hear there's a software patch you can install to Outlook Express that will tilt your inbox ever so slightly so that all the email if left alone will eventually wind up on your floor. If your floor looks like mine you'll never notice it. Here's hoping.

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