The Making of 'Where's Morty?' #08-004

A lot of hard work and rehearsal go into every episode of "Where's Morty?" We're happy to share an exclusive look behind the scenes of the actual production of the latest escapade. Originally scheduled several days ago, the photography had to be postponed until more socks could be soiled and washed. Some people only have two feet.

Morty arrives early. He checks his marks and hopes for moths.

Morty, like most media personalities, hates the waiting between shots. He threatens to walk.

Morty gets a wild fur that this photo shoot is somehow affiliated with the Socks Clinton Museum, a charity he emphatically does not endorse. Morty will be negotiating a promotional deal with Socks Huckabee, if there is such a kitty and he ever gets a presidential cat shrine. Morty enjoys watching bees, which reminds him to make a beeline for some Meow Mix. Actors need to maintain their energy.

Morty is happy to hear the director call, "That's a wrap," after the completion of another successful "Where's Morty?" travelogue. Our star heads for his trailer, because, like the man said, "that's a nap!"

Morty has a bit of a hearing disability.
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