Mr. Buckley, He Go Bye-Bye

William F. BuckleyBrilliant world observer William F. Buckley has died. I was saddened to learn of his passing, but there is good news here since I can now fire a bunch of payroll.

I employ a team of translators to distill Buckley's intellectual pronouncements into single syllables (the shorter the better) and non-threatening pictures of barnyard animals (the less beaky the better), so I can follow along.

Although Buckley did not pull the wool over our eyes, I could never understand his oratory -- plus, he spoke in an elongated manner with a heavy accent.

For what it is worth, I do not talk that way, however that is how I type....

Three words per hour. And I have to go back to correct the thousands of repeated key strokes and remove the incessant italics and bolding.

Here's a sheep:

Credits: ArtFavor sketch, Creative Commons / William F. Buckley photo via Wikipedia
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