Clowns Eternal

A Bob Walker of Wichita, Kansas asks if I have any circus anecdotes.

Uh, my auntie used to place me on her knee and tell one. She'd say,

"I love to watch crowds of clowns pile out of teensy automobiles. It goes back to my childhood. We didn't have a car, so, instead, I'd imagine how many clowns I could pull out of my pants.

"The answer is three. Four, if the boys are a little short in the shoes."
That dear woman's gone now. Every few months, I visit her mausoleum and rake up the rubber noses that pop from her urn. The Perpetual Care people have quit asking questions, but are visibly afraid of dolts and the pies. We pay good money to have her hosed down with holy water from a spritz bottle every Sunday, while some Bozo plays hymns on a calliope.

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