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Saving Facebook: My Confessions: 

On Famous Last Words 

Alfred Hitchcock Geek 
Let Hitchcock write your epitaph. Pick a quote from his movies to be engraved on your tombstone.

‎"Why are they doing this? Why are they doing this?" --"The Birds"

On the Cinema

Friend Michael
Classic and memorable (or not) movies released on May 12th: "Earth Girls Are Easy" (1989), "Crimson Tide" (1995), "Poseidon" (2006).

I saw "Poseidon" in IMAX. OK, but not particularly memorable. The original "Poseidon Adventure" is memorable. Not so much the film or effects, but Stella Stevens in her underwear. That's a movie!

On It

Friend Donna
There you go, makin' my heart beat again...

I think it's my socks. Kicky!

On Osama bin Laden's Farewell Tour

Friend Bill
For crying out loud, can we stop the damn conspiracy theories, finger pointing, "who gets credit, who doesn't" crap and celebrate an AMERICAN victory for a day or two?

I blame Yoko.

On "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

Love it, although I was cut out. I am, of course, The Dimpled.

On My A-List Friends

How cool is this? @DavidHasselhoff and I are now pals on Twitter. I'm excited. Maybe he can get me SpongeBob's autograph.

Friend Astroray
You are the same guy who listed "Barney Rubble" as your favorite actor!

Sir Rubble rules.

On Wild Cat Joy Ride

My cat, Melvin, found the car keys. He's out driving to every moth in the county.

Friend Claire
Has he caught any yet?

Nope. He was carjacked by a dog chasing a stick.

The Poseidon Adventure [Blu-ray]The Birds (Collector's Edition)  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging)

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