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My nocturnal leg cramp can beat up your father. 

SpongeBob SquarePants has 23,134,095 more Facebook friends than me, but I retain water better.

I'm considering following @BabyWeiner and Twitter tells me, "Similar to @JoyVBehar." ... Oh, how I've suspected that....

The celebrities, they write to me: @BabyWeiner sez to @MikeDurrett: "i am nothing like joy behar. much shorter."

The grand email has arrived: "@BabyWeiner is now following you (@MikeDurrett)." Boy, that takes me back to the horror of my radio career....

@TeachFilm asks: "What makes a great film, great?" -- I know! I know! Sprocket holes.

Now playing, according to my satellite radio's limited display screen: "Frank Sinatra: 'I Could Have Dan.'"

My wife is off on a scenic weekend trip through the Tenn. mountains, but I have to stay home & eat up the garlic bread before it goes stale.

You know, I'm a peace-loving man, yet I have never -- not once, not one time -- have I been engaged in fisticuffs by Foo.

My navel orange has an innie. The one yesterday was pierced with a dangly pendant.

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