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Missed LOLITA at the drive-in. Saw it on our honeymoon. James Mason: "You're a good little wife." My Donna: "Don't you ever say that to me."

...Yep. Of course, I do.

Finished my paying job. Now important work resumes: Twitter, Facebook, blog, disappearing snacks tricks, kitty wrangling...

Down to [my] last 11 BURN NOTICEs. Rhett, wherever shall I go? Whatever shall I do?

May see FROGS (1972) at the drive-in. Stars Oscar winner Ray Milland and fresh-faced kids Sam Elliott and Joan Van Ark and Burp the Tadpole.

@luckyshirt sez: "Just bought some breakfast at IKEA. It looks pretty good, but I just know it's going to fall apart in a month."

[I] negotiated 4+ weeks on the RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR. 16-hr. days rehearsing & eating with the Rockettes. They had me at "catering."

Serious now, back on [my] rigid diet. All of the succulent arrays of cookies have been removed from the house. ... *burp*

May see SHANTY TRAMP (1967) at the drive-in. Dixie lust, "fights, murders, lynch mobs, ruined reputations & broken homes." But no sweet tea.

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