Bone to Pick

Finally, I have managed to see "Bachelor Flat," a 1962 release by one of my movie director heroes, Frank Tashlin ("Son of Paleface," "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter," "Hollywood or Bust," "The Geisha Boy," "The Glass Bottom Boat").

Tashlin was a successful animation director, working alongside "Looney Tunes" masters, like Tex Avery, Robert Clampett, and Chuck Jones. He yearned to make live-action films, however, and set out to do so, leaving cartoons behind.

Or did he?

Indeed not. Tashlin became a much sought after comedy director in the '50s and '60s, largely known for his inventive sight gags and cartoonish situations set in the real world.

"Bachelor Flat" is a colorful, frisky sex farce, dripping in Tashlin's trademark pin-up girls and mischievous innuendo, taunting the Hollywood Production Code censorship of the day.

But what I instantly loved about the movie is this sequence, a throwaway subplot involving a little dog (Jessica Dachshund) and a very big dinosaur bone.

"Bachelor Flat" Dinosaur Bone Sequence via YouTube

Music by Johnny Williams of "Star Wars," "Jaws," and "Schindler's List" fame.
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