Cat photos: Where's Morty?

Morty was fascinated with the record once-in-a-century flood dousing us in Georgia. He had that TV on around the clock, when all the cat needed to do was look out the window, go outside even. No, he wouldn't do that. Kids gotta have their electronic gadgets to filter life. Why bother to actually experience?

Morty did offer to dash down to our creek bank to check on the water currents, but only if I'd buy him a catnip snorkel.

I didn't fall for that one, believe, you, me. We've got catnip flippers strewn all through this house, but just try to find a fourth.

Oh, sure, I could locate two left rears, except they don't fit Morty up front in "Shotgun."

Besides, flippers are a moot mew anyway. He'll only wear them to waddle through catnip slobber.
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