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I may have a health problem. Up all night, going to the bathroom, doing #7 and a couple of 3.4s.

I'm at the Fox Theatre in the morn for a projection gig. I'll be alone, pre-screening THE PROPOSAL. I needs my quiet time with Betty White.

I'm missing BONNIE AND CLYDE at the drive-in tonite. Instead of "We Rob Banks," it's "We Munch Quiche at Tea Parties." There may be gin play.

I'm passing on TRANSFORMERS and GI JOE, but already queuing for Quentin Tarantino's SLINKY.

I'm miffed. Cable TV kaput. Seeing VIVA LAS VEGAS at a drive-in tonite. Ann-Margret better not freeze up. I suspect she's already vibrating.

I hate gardening. Must replace milkweed with healthier cranberry-mangoweed.

I asked my doctor if I'm healthy enough for sex and he told me his dance card is full.

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