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Woke up to discover The Macaroon Fairy has arrived. I ask no questions. I tear into the Ziploc. Mmmmmmm, macaroony...

I see where Facebook is developing a HOUSE, M.D. game. We play the board game. My wife is the cane. I'm the Vicodin. No die. Just hunches.

My wife force-fed me a salad for lunch. I survived it. I'm all svelte and healthy now. Do you know me? Let's go shopping!...

I've received notice Yanni is coming. Typo. Should read: "Yawni."

I had to get out of bed very early this morning. My kitty Melvin has assumed The Warm Spot. Aww, they grow up so fast....

@OMGFacts sez: "An old form of torture involved getting your feet licked by a goat!" Nowadays, we just watch THE VIEW.

My wife's class reunion is tonite. I'm too nauseous to attend. I feel awful missing the event, but it is kinda cool skipping *school* again.

Thanksgiving Collateral Damage Assessment: People, I'm thankful for eye tests. Get one! I'm still sponging gravy ladled on my wattle.

My big brothers, Bobby and Billy, are Veterans. Thank you for your service and hand-me-down shirts.

I am not a military veteran, but for a time I did wear a clip-on bow tie and serve movie snacks to the public. Thank me for my Goobers.

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