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Petrified cats! Power tools! It can mean only one thing: the renovations have begun.

Halloween scares me. Woe, the wax lips shortages.

One thing, living in the forest: no trick-or-treaters. Oh, I did get a bear dressed as Bambi, but I gave him candy deer corn & he went away.

12 yrs., we've not had 1 trick-or-treater. Kindly me stockpiles lotsa candy just in case. So far, I've managed to find it a good home. *urp*

Item: BOND 23 gets its title: SKYFALL. I was hoping for 007 GOIN' COCONUTS, but that's just me and Oddjob.

We may have had an intruder, a titmouse. Our cat Melvin was on the prowl all night long. Thank you for your service.

Daylight Saving Time change means new battery in smoke detector. Wife foaming at the mouth on Halloween means Crest excess or rabies shot?

I had a dream, an awesome dream altering the fabric of time, like, by an hour. WHAP! I'm awake now. Nothing broken. I'm noticeably younger..

Confession: I turned my clocks back 37 minutes. It'll decrease my wait times.

[Two Days After Halloween]
Jehovah's Witnesses appeared on our porch, moments ago. I told them we were all out of Butterfingers and shut the door.

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