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Saving Facebook: My Confessions: 

On International Intimate Apparel Week 

I'm going to need my tortoise suit back. Don't forget the wax snapper lips and turtleneck dickey.

On Snapshots

[Looking at] photos of my high school reunion, taken shortly before they threw me out of the A/V Club and yanked the loop on the back of my shirt.

I missed [out on other events] to attend my high school reunion, however I doubt I would have received the nine noogies.

On Current Events

Friend Ray
It's tough deciding which I care less about, Mel Gibson or Chelsea Clinton gettin' married! Guess I'll flip a coin.

If it lands on its edge, that means Lindsay Lohan.

On Our Mammoth Southwestern USA Vacation

Friend Jeremy
Glad to see the trip getting some web-site time. I hope Silt wasn't the most interesting place you went...

Silt, of course, was scintillating, but the other places were cute, too. I'll get around to writing on them. Time's in short supply this week though. Memories of Silt will carry me through. Be Silt my heart....

On Late-Night Television 

Who exactly is watching POKER AFTER DARK? Huh? TV card games? C'mon, MOONBAT PARCHEESI is much more action-packed.

Friend Mark
Maybe if they had an all-women STRIP POKER AFTER DARK version???

I prefer to play STRIP YAHTZEE. I never like to hear "no dice."

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