Big Weekend

Big weekend, brooding, beaming brooding to beaming brooders.

We finished the annual Fox Theatre summer film festival with a downtown Atlanta showing of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," but I was still miffed over the events of a few days prior when I drew the occupational short straw, requiring me to be the one to pre-screen the motion picture. We projectionists troubleshoot related technical issues through this practice in advance of the public attending a film.

People say to me, "Oh, you get paid to watch the movies!"

True. I do. And to those people, I say, "Ernest Scared Stupid."

Not having seen the first two episodes of the "Twilight" franchise, I was at a loss as to what was unfolding before the balcony — something hotsy about commingled, overly-coiffed vampires, werewolves, and Dakota Fannings.

When the bite fest concluded, I sprinted a few blocks down Peachtree to the nearby hospital emergency room for a precautionary blood test and a good, old-school leeching. I avoided looking in mirrors and serpentined to sidestep any aloft silver bullets.

For the record, the series of rabies shots to the gut were less painful than my required pre-screening of "Sex and the City 2."

Yeah, hotsy.

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