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As of today, I have acquired all 190 Three Stooges comedy shorts -- and is there a pie in this house? No! There! Is! Not!

Sharing some 3 Stooges love, @WH2H_Radio threw me a virtual pie, which my wife intercepted. I'm off to Virtual Divorce Court & Laundromat...

THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO is super. I, The Boy With the Dragon Breath, connected with it. I give it four Tic Tacs.

Judge ruled it's OK to lie about military service. You know, I was in the Navy to get the gravy & the Army, I got the beans.

Actual Headline: "Suspect wore fake breasts, clown pants" ... Some days, I am afraid to read the news....

Tonite's Movie: THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS (2009) was like staring at goats.

I need to correct a previous post. Full disclosure: Watching THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS was like staring at eyelids. The inside of eyelids.

Why I Do What I Do: Because I am the only person posting to my accounts, I always get to sit in The Legs Chair.

I believe my Bruce Willis Eau de Parfum is a knock-off. It has a hair in it.

Press Release: "An Evening with Garrison Keillor, Wednesday, Nov. 17," Atlanta. Well, that explains the loud snoring noise over N. GA today.

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