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For Father's Day, I emptied the litter box. I have no biological kids, just kitties. They're the gifts that keep on giving.

Texted pal Jeremy while he saw THE LION KING play in Vegas: "Seen any warthogs munching grubworms, yet?" He re: "Pumbaa is now vegetarian."

Question to me: "Will you miss LAW AND ORDER?" ... I haven't missed the show for 20 years. It will be nice not to have to avoid it, though.

On Twitter, I see mentions of "Sepp Blatter." I'm not sure what that means, but I'm suddenly concerned to use our plumbing.

@wceberly sez: "Jun 29... Globe Theater burned down this day in 1613, where most of Shakespeare's plays debuted." ... Out damn marshmallows!

Now on TCM: 55 DAYS AT PEKING. I liked about 3 days and a long weekend.

I'm told GONE WITH THE WIND was published on this day, June 30, 1936. I don't know nuthin 'bout birthin' no novels.

Wonder Woman's got a new outfit. I think it's very appropriate. Now, we'll wonder if she's a woman.

"90 Days in Jail for Probation Violation."... Lindsay Lohan in THE PISSANT TRAP.

Yay, Fourth of July! ... Going to Costco to get a silo of potato salad... Cutting back this year. Gotta watch my figure...

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