Meats for My Sweet

This is the lovely candy aisle at our Walmart. The entire corridor, both sides from one end to the other, is devoted to candy (and support beams). The whole aisle is candy, except...

This section, sandwiched between candy and candy, is stocked with beef jerky and bottled sausages (not shown due to just full out nastiness, blech).

Since when are dried and pickled spare meats candy?

Maybe beef jerky sticks are redneck Twizzlers?

"Uh, darlin', we gots any more Swee' Tarts 'n gristle? How 'bouts Milk Duds 'n cud?"

"Ah'm gonna gnaw on this here mystery bull strip taint, then ah'm comin' after you, Sugar Boobs. Wear the rope belt."
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