Too Sexy for My Site

As you may know, I write About.com: Humor. Here's a screenshot of the home page, taken yesterday.

Notice the square block on the right (shown full-scale below). That's the "What's Hot" widget. The information contained inside reveals the top five most sought after articles (out of thousands) on the About Humor site during the past few days. I have no input over the items listed on the box. Computers tally the data automagically.

Observe that my Random Quotes Generator is Number One!

Yep, I don't understand that either.

The Quotes Generator soars supreme above The Nipple Server, Naked News, Mammary Memory, and Vintage Robot Porn.

Besides making me so, so very proud, what does this knowledge tell us?

For one thing: school is out. The kids are on computers without adult supervision, ogling 'bots and ... okay, dots.

Bust most impor--


Let me interrupt here. That was an actual Freudian slip: "Bust."

I wrote it unintentionally. My condolences. It ain't easy typing with my hand up a giant foam "I'm #1!" finger.

Please allow me to try again....

But most importantly, the list tells us: I'm hot!
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