Beery Interesting

As an aside to my observations concerning bears and hammocks, I thought it ironic, recently, to stumble across the Hamm's Beer bear. Hamm's and hammocks commingling with bears strikes me as a curious coincidence.

The animated animal first appeared on TV commercials in 1952 and was a popular celebrity suds endorser for decades, according to Wikipedia, which states:

"The Hamm's Beer bear was featured on endless array of signs, glassware, and tchotchkes such as clocks, ceramic miniatures, and ashtrays. It was so well-known and identified with Minnesota that the 'St. Paul Pioneer Press' named the bear as a runner-up on its list of '150 Influential Minnesotans of the Past 150 Years' in 2000. By that time, however, parent Miller Brewing had discontinued it over concerns it might be interpreted as marketing beer to children...."

I have no memory of the Hamm's bear. From 1958 on, I was passed out in an after-school stupor.


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