Beary Interesting

I've made no secret of the fact I'm fidgety over our mountainous neighborhood's black bear in residence. Actually, I think he's a time-share.

His presence is only spotted periodically, but we'll keep the light on for him.

Besides, I need that bulb for surveillance assistance. I spend all hours of the dark on sentry duty, staring into the circling forest for any movement by behemoth blobs o' bleak.

We also keep the light on for Animal Control with a big net, so that helps.

By the way, where are you Animal Control with a big net? Yoo-hoo!

Additionally, mentioning "a big net" lets us segue into the fascinating home movies of another black bear, Famous Amis, as the citizen taping these videos dubbed him.

Note: If videos won't play, try double-clicking on the images to view the bear directly from YouTube.

Her bear doesn't appear to be as large as ours. I think mine takes steroids and pads his pads.

In certain illumination, his fur seems to be matted into horizontal stripes. That makes him look bigger. It's not working for him. He needs to stay with basic black for the slimming effect. Maybe a wide belt.

Famous Amis is shown in the video swinging in a full-size netted hammock. Who knew? Who knew bears would climb into a hammock?

The second clip catches the same bear on a return visit. He brings friends!

What? Are hammocks bear magnets?

I have a nice hammock just like that one, which stretches across the ground floor porch, up against our bedroom window. I love the long, leisurely naps, swaying in the ham--




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