Inbox Reflux

Sorting through my emails, I see fans from all over are dispensing important correspondence.

June 16, 2004: A Bob Walker of Wichita, Kansas, writes:
"Hey, Mike. Today on 'Bob and Tom' ... Sports news: The Detroit Pistons won the NBA Championship game. ... No violence reported after the game, but one fan tipped Aretha Franklin over.

"And, yesterday, they mentioned Ray Charles dying. ... 'His whole life flashed before his ears. He never saw it coming.' BAADDD, but I loved it. I saw Ray perform about five times.

"OH YES ... Did you have a nice night? ... 'Never fight with a woman who has more tattoos than you.'"
June 17, 2004: A Bob Walker of Wichita, Kansas, writes:
"I loved the original 'Around the World in 80 Days.' ... Saw a review of this Jackie Chan thing. It looks bad. I once had a soundtrack album of the Jules Verne version. I'm patiently waiting to see 'Around Rosie O'Donnell in 80 Days.'"
June 26, 2004: A Bob Walker of Wichita, Kansas, writes:

"Is that drive-in theatre thing over? I miss those hazy crazy days of summer with [name withheld] at the drive-in. ... I would call before and get passes. (What a bum! Passes for a two dollar movie.) Later, in the week, my boss would ask why footprints were on my rear seat car windows. Oh, that's [name withheld], and the whole office would go out in the parking lot to look.

"One comedian said, 'You know you've had too much to drink when you wake up at the drive-in movie to a flea market."
Yes, Bob, drive-in theatres are still among us. In fact, we went Saturday night to see "Spider-Man 2" and "White Chicks," because we are sophisticates, as you know. And there's usually a sale on funnel cakes during the second feature.

Here's a remembrance I wrote of one visit to a dying drive-in, Atlanta's North 85, "Shining the Light on Dinosaurs."

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