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Dawn. First dumpster of coffee of the day. Pinkie out. Single teacakes pallet. Reducing...

We never know what will appear in our forest, especially after sundown. I just saw three Fess Parker hats strolling up the driveway.

It is a shame I do not fly. I enjoy a good travel nightmare.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant which cooks the food in wine sauce. Dagnabbit! Cop pulled me over. Breathalyzer level: "Quesadilla."

Watched BEST FOOT FORWARD (1943), Lucille Ball's 1st film as a redhead. She plays herself and, as in private life, sings w/her voice dubbed.

My self-directed continuing education paid off today. Reading the 1950 BEETLE BAILEY comic strips, I learned of his kid brother, Chigger!

I see a local restaurant is advertising a Seafood Festival. I'll go for the rides and I collect kewpie dolls with gill slits.
The cap to the quart of oil I added to my car fell into the oil tank, unfetchable! So far, no Molten Glob of Plastic light on the dashboard.

Yipe! My nightmare was so-so, but competently directed by the ghost of Norman Taurog. Stock footage from DR. GOLDFOOT & THE BIKINI MACHINE.

Reading Louisa May Alcott's THIN MINTS.

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