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Big Friday night, staying up late, scarfing Craisins.

Um, it appears one should not ask the wife if she's attending Crabfest at Red Lobster, even with elevating her prestige to keynote speaker..

I may throw in the towel on my dream to play Gretl in THE SOUND OF MUSIC. I might be too old. Now, I wrinkle to be Miss Marple.

In regards to my sideburns, I use the Side-Unguentine.

I have run out of puttering. Guess I must move to the next level of incompetent, mindlessly executed chores. The road to naps is cruel.

My weedwacker is ailing. I will be taking it to the weedwacker hospital. I think it's dehydrangeaed.

Congrats to friends Kimberly and Randy, who bought their first house today. Is our room ready? My lava lamp has shipped.

The best wife ever! Peanut brittle & clean T-shirts, all in 1 nite! And we snubbed (hid from) a maybe dead snake in our yard! Romantic, huh?

Oh, I see Diet Coke is on Twitter. Let's have a group fizz.

I weighed myself: 203.5 lbs. Then, ahem, relieved myself and was pleased about it. Weighed again immediately. Down to 204. I just can't win.

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