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Large Marge sent me.

My doctor has FORBIDDEN me from high impact activities "like jogging on pavement or jumping out of airplanes." Darn the luck!

I fear the Whitman's Sampler people are rummaging my clothes hamper. I'll let you know if they abscond with my toffee chip & molasses chew.

My wife informs me I cannot change my name to Pépé le Moko. "Ciao, charmed, we're Donna & Pépé le Moko Durrett." *sigh* ... class warfare...

Pretend it's 2010. I found this unused bit in my notes: "My dentist canceled all appointments. Tarballs in the spit sink."

Pepe Le Moko: The Criterion CollectionFrom Here to Eternity
My pal is about to watch FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953) for the first time. It's the gem in the canon of films with a guy named Fatso in it.

Item: "Waffle House Offers Reward for Bandits." But only if they're Scattered, Smothered, Covered, Chunked, Topped & Diced.

Item: "Australian researchers say 1 hour of TV takes 22 minutes off your life." So, they averaged in the suicides during THE NANNY?

My doctor says I'm too sedentary; I need to exercise. So, now, every time I type a colon, I do it with a curl and holler, "COWABUNGA!"

My haircut appointment has been confirmed. I'll bring everyone clippings for your lockets.

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