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It may be over with my secret love, The Talking Pothole. She says, "Don't tread on me." ... Okay. Bye.
@WH2H_Radio props me over my lost luv, The Talking Pothole: "The talking pepperoni seem much friendlier." I'm vegan, so The Talking Tofurky.
"LOL" is so zoot suit or "hepcat." Squaresville, Daddy-O, Squaresville.
Watching TV's COMMUNITY. Loved this: "This is no school paper. This is a real damn paper. There's a 'Marmaduke' in here."
Finished showing the "World's Tallest Cat" [photo] to my kitty. Morty's walking around on his tippypads.
News Report: "IVF mother adds twins to two sets of quads." ... Yeah, everybody is downsizing.
Two personally amazing facts: THE TWILIGHT ZONE is 50. My marriage is 28. However, no Rod Serling in our bedroom. Yet.
My cat Morty and I are reading, pointing, and giggling at WHY DOGS DON'T LIKE HALLOWEEN: http://bit.ly/3ZYpXt
News Flash: "Women 'can enlarge breasts through mind power,' claims hypnotist." ...Ho hum. Men've been doing that forever, ladies.
Like Giovanni, I don't play the piano. I feel the piano. Although in my case, it's dark and I can't find my gum....

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