Merry Jerry

I'm feeling all Christmassy, so let's check the incoming holiday greetings....

Oo, here's one from Universal Studios!


Wishing you a Happy Holiday!

Spend the Holidays with Jerry, Steve and the rest of the team!

Monday, December 18th - "VIEWERS VS. SPRINGER GUESTS III"

Tuesday, December 19th - "RETURN OF THE DRUNK MOM!"

Wednesday, December 20th - "JERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Thursday, December 21st - "HOLIDAY HELL #357!"

Friday, December 22nd - "UNCLE STASH SHOT SANTA CLAUS!"

Monday , December 25th - "ROUGH LOVE!"

Tuesday, December 26th - "GUESS WHAT…I'M REALLY A MAN!"

Wednesday, December 27th - "CELLMATES, STRIPPERS & NACHO!"

Thursday, December 28th - "ROAST BEEF & A BOOTLEGGER!"

Friday, December 29th - "A GAY FAMILY AFFAIR!"

You know, nothing says "Holy Day" like rough love, Clausicide, and shemales.

Obviously, being the "Springer Show," Three Wise Men will not appear.

That's just as well, because, as the unfortunately named Longfellow put it, "They laid their offerings at his feet."

...In what would become a very special episode, "GOLDIE, FRANK INCEST, AND MURRAY!"

1 comment:

Jorge said...

Clausicide. Priceless.

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