10 More Medical Revelations at My Annual Physical Examination

20. Inexplicably, Don King at my weigh-in.

19. Free "Dodgeball" DVD with every low sperm count.

18. Cat box clumping not acceptable as exercise.

17. Flatline EKG misdiagnosed as "a Ben Afflecker."

16-15. To appeal to Baby Boomers, blood withdrawals accompanied by attendant's "Hey, man, this is good shit."

And insurance co-pay raised to $40 and a mule-lipped doobie.

14. My chest x-ray featured a cameo by Alfred Hitchcock's chest.

13. "Open up and say 'ahhhh,'" not deemed necessary to say to the cute nurse.

12. Treadmill stress endurance stopped when I became winded tying sneakers.

And the number 11 medical revelation at my annual physical examination...

Exit poll showed my prostate resides in a blue state.
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