This Would Be About My Speed

The Art of Buster Keaton (The General / Sherlock, Jr. / Our Hospitality / The Navigator / Steamboat Bill Jr. / College / Three Ages / Battling Butler / Go West / The Saphead / Seven Chances / 21 Short Films)One of my earliest idols was none other than classic American commercial icon Speedy Alka-Seltzer. At age 3 or 4, spotting this animated lad on the television of the 1950s was truly magical.

Now, in a surprising find via BookSteve's Library, Master Alka-Seltzer is seen teamed with one of grown-up me's favorites, silent movie god Buster Keaton.

Enjoy these nostalgic ads, then go stuff yourself silly, because you'll know what to do. Right, Speedy?

"Buster Keaton Alka-Seltzer Advertisements" via Dailymotion

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